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XADO Vita Flush Cleaner

Completely cleans all types of pollution in oil system of the fuel and diesel engines

  • Restores mobility scraper and compression rings
  • Eliminates the effect of the sticking hydraulic lifters
  • Cleans the system of crankcase ventilation
  • Restores and protects friction part from wear-out
  • Increases the power of engine
  • Stabilizes the parameters of the oil pump
  • Cleans oil system of an engine (transmission units) from the pollution of any type
  1. Add necessary amount of XADO Vita Flush Cleaner into the warmed mechanism though the oil filter
  2. Start an engine and idle run it for 10-15 min or drive 20 km
  3. If deep cleaning is needed drive 200-300 km
  4. Change oil and oil filter

1 can (250 ml) treats a car engine with oil capacity up to 4 liters. Larger vehicles with higher oil capacities may require more. As a general rule, use 1 can of XADO Vita Flush Cleaner for every 4 liters of oil.

  1. Xado Vita Flush Cleaner is compatible with all kinds of oil
  2. For a maximum effect, use during every oil change
  3. Xado Vita Flush Cleaner doesn’t have acids, acetone and dissolver
SGD 14.90