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XADO in Dakar Rally 2014

07 Jan 2014

Dakar Rally! XADO Chemical Group is proud to announce about its participation in the world’s hottest race, a legendary rally “The Dakar Rally”! For several years we were preparing for participation in this world’s leading automotive marathon. Our Company has been a sponsor and a partner of the Russian “Kamaz-Master” team since 2004 till 2010. However, it’s one thing to overcome this way along with this authoritative heavyweight, and totally another thing is to establish own team, to register it and to go through all legal and organizational issues as an owner. XADO TEAM DAKAR is a motorcycle team. A base model of Yamaha WR 450 motorcycle was taken as a basis. The task of technical experts is to turn it into the vehicle ready to take a rally challenge. The first trial rides are already taking place in Spain. Technical assistance during the Dakar Rally will be maintained by JVO Racing Company. It’s a worldwide well-known company in the sphere of motorsport. A pilot in XADO team will be a Spanish racer Ignacio Chivite, who has an experience of participating in this complicated marathon. In 2014 the Dakar Rally will start on January 5, in Argentine and will finish on January 18, in Chile. A part of the route will take place through Bolivia.