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XADO Success in Poland!

06 Jul 2015

This story started two years ago. Toyota Yaris manufactured in 2009 was used in one of driving schools in Polish town Wloclawek, and it was used unmercifully. By the time when the run of the car reached more than 80,000 km, the engine power declined and fuel consumption increased.

The owner of the driving school didn’t want to pay for expensive engine repair which is why he asked the representatives of our company for help. Preliminary measurements of compression in cylinders showed significant differences between the indices. The innovative XADO 1 Stage REVITALIZANT® of the 3rd generation saved the situation. Retesting performed after a certain run showed that the compression equalized in general and even increased in the 3rd cylinder. The engine became more powerful and fuel consumption decreased.

The rejuvenated Yaris continued to “teach” new drivers. In November 2014, two years after the first treatment, the car’s condition was tested once again. By this time it ran additional 50,000 km and experienced three oil changes. Everyone was wondering how much of the original effect from applying 1 Stage REVITALIZANT® would still show. The measurements were performed at the same service station, the instruments and personnel were also the same. All participants of the retesting were impressed: compression in all the cylinders was 9 bars as right after the treatment. The car preserved all its parameters: it lost neither its capacity nor its torque and was ready for operation in a loaded mode for at least several more thousands of kilometers!

You can learn more at the on site: www.tvnturbo.pl