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VERYLUBE — 10W-40 Diesel Truck

17 Sep 2015

We present you a NEW oil under the trademark VERYLUBE — 10W-40 Diesel Truck.
It is a low-cost semi-synthetic oil designed for DIESEL ENGINES of trucks and other heavy equipment. This new oil contains HIGH-QUALITY base oils and an additive package, is recommended for turbocharged engines Euro IV (III) of freight trucks and buses with prolonged oil change intervals.
The oil maintains its properties and DOES NOT AGE during long trips, reliably PROTECTS cylinders from bore polishing wear, prevents wear of the cylinder-piston group and corrosion. A special formula of the oil guarantees its LOW CONSUMPTION through burning.

VERYLUBE 10W-40 Diesel Truck can be used for engines equipped with EGR and/or SCR systems, however, it is not recommended for engines with the diesel particulate filter (DPF).

VERYLUBE 10W-40 Diesel Truck is without a doubt the BEST choice in its price category.