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How to save $2,800,000

29 Jan 2016

The plant Cemex San Pedro Macorís is the subsidiary undertaking of the multinational company Cemex SA de CV which is the third largest cement manufacturer in the world. It was an ideal place for our Dominican partners to use XADO REVITALIZANT® for restoration of sophisticated industrial equipment.

This story began in June 2014. A defect of the drive gear bearing was detected in the MAAG (WPU-242B) reducer of the cement grinding mill No. 3, and the condition of the assembly only got worse with each passing day. Its operating temperature rose up to 92°C and vibration level increased by 2.4 times. Replacement of the bearing would require the full stop of the mill for at least five days which would lead to huge losses due to the equipment standstill. So, the head of the technical department decided to accept the offer of the official XADO representative in the Dominican Republic, Premium & CO SRL, to restore the assembly using XADO REVITALIZANT®.

As a result of REVITALIZATION® of the bearing No. 9, the following results have been achieved:

  • Vibration level decreased from 1.7 G to 0.65 G.
  • Operating temperature of the bearing decreased from critical (92°?) and reached nominal values (55°C).

The most important achievement, however, is that signal levels of monitor sensors changed from “alarm” to regular operating conditions!

The specialists estimated that, due to the absence of down time alone, application of XADO REVITALIZANT® allowed the owners of the plant to save more than $2,800,000!